FAQ. How much is the Service Availability of Questetra?


How much is the service availability of Questetra?
Annual track record of 2014 was “99.977%”. We are aiming to operate the service with an uptime of not less than 99.9%.


Questetra has published the actual value of the SaaS service availability (average) on a quarterly basis.


See for the detailed numeric value of each quarter at “Service Availability” in the “Security and Privacy” page.

In addition, Annual track record since 2010 is as follows.

Annual track record of Availability.

  • 2010: 99.927%
  • 2011: 99.917%
  • 2012: 99.990%
  • 2013: 99.851%
  • 2014: 99.977%
(Method of calculating Availability)
* Planned stoppage and Free SaaS are not included.
* Availability (average) = (Total time – Average down time of all tenant) / Total time


Although we have published the service Availability as the average value of all subscribers, the review of records on an individual contract basis is not available as of May 2015. In the future, we would like to provide a way for the Users themselves to confirm the service status / availability for each Paid-contract (Questetra ID).


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