FAQ. Can I Display the Progress of Operations on the Process Diagram?

Looking at the Graphs, the Progress is Clear at a Glance!
Can I display the progress of operations on the Process Diagram?
Yes, you can. You can [Visualize the Progress] on the Process Diagram (Workflow chart).


You can see the bottlenecks of processing at a glance, just like your car navigation system shows you the traffic condition.

When you click on the [Running Processes] button on the side menu, on the displayed pie graph, click on the (Process Model) you want to see.



The Processes indicated will be only the ones ‘Running’. Please note that the Processes that have been completed will not be shown.
You can also browse the bottleneck Task and how many are stuck, in real time. The list of Tasks which is displayed beneath the Process Diagram can be narrowed by clicking on a Task in the Diagram.
It should be noted that in the pie chart, the operations (Process Models) that are displayed are the ones that are over a certain proportion where the number of accumulated processes is large. If the operation you are looking for does not appear in the pie chart, you can access it using the following URL format by checking the Process Model ID (m123).



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