FAQ. What is the Difference between Normal Swimlane and Team Swimlane?

Questetra's own definition "Team Swimlane" which expands BPMN.


Question. What is the difference between a normal swimlane and a Team Swimlane?
Answer. In the steps (tasks) placed on a Team Swimlane, multiple persons can be in charge of them and operate them cooperatively.


As for a normal task, only one person among the undertaking candidates can be in charge of operating and entering data in the input screen. On the other hand, in the case of operating a (team) task which is placed on a “Team Swimlane”, multiple persons are in charge and can enter data in the input screen.

An allocated (team) task is displayed on the [My Task] list of all the persons in charge of operating it. Unless the task is finished (by clicking [Save and Quit]), all the persons can input data. When someone [Finish]es the task, it flows to the following steps and is no longer displayed on [My Task].




The Team Swimlane is useful for “Operations in which the processing procedure is undefined” or for “Decision-making by multiple persons”.

※A “Team Swimlane” is Questetra’s own definition notation which expands the International Standard Notation BPMN.


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