FAQ. How Do I Conduct Operational Tests on a Running Business Process Definition?

I'll show you how to conduct Operational check in advance without affecting the actual business.


How do I conduct operational tests on a running Business Process Definition when I had modified it?
Please duplicate the process model with the same definition, and check the operation with that new Process Model.


Questetra is a “Business Improvement tool” that allow continuous improvement of the Business Process (definition). You can immediately correct and improve your Business Process Definition easily to suit the changes in business rules, even if it is running.

If the changes were small, such as adding descriptions for the Input form or single Data Items, it will be good to Release the Business Process Definition soon after editing it. However, you should want to check (test) the operation of the Business Process Definition after drastic improvements or changes.


When you want to change Business Process Definitions in operation, conduct the operational test in the manner described below.
Even though it is a little cumbersome, since it is not possible to actually operate a “Developing version” on the current Version 10.1, we will recommend you to conduct a pre-Operational test when you make significant changes.


  1. Edit the Business Process Definition “Process Model A” which is in operation (running), then save.
  2. Create a new “Process Model B” by Duplicating the “Process Model A”.
    ▼Version X (Developing)->Copy
    ▼Version X (Developing)->Export Archive, after that, import the archive to another Questetra environment (For testing, etc.).
  3. Edit the “Process Model B”, if necessary.
    Please edit it according to the environment where the test is conducted, or the contents of the test. Some of the most common changes are:
    – Settings of ‘Operating personnel’
    – Addresses of email destination
    – URLs when using APIs
  4. Release the “Process Model B”, then conduct the tests.
  5. According to the result of the tests, repeat steps 1 – 3 (above), if necessary.
  6. When the behavior is confirmed on “Process Model B”, Release the “Process Model A”.



  • Do not Release the “Process Model A” until confirming its operation.
    • After Release, Business Process can be immediately Started along the new definition.
    • You will not be able to cancel the Release, to restore to the original.
  • Please always comply with the procedure of Editing “Process Model A” then duplicate it to create “Process Model B”.
    • Even if you have made an improvement on “Process Model B”, there is no way to reflect the edits on “Process Model A” (manual editing only). In order to prevent discrepancies, it is recommended to “replicate B after editing the A”.
  • Please delete the newly created “process model B” used for testing, as soon as it is no longer necessary.
    • At the same time, the test data will be deleted as well.


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