FAQ. Can I Set the “Title” as a Required Item?

A 'Title' of a Process (Issue) is a special Data Item that is different from others.


Question. Can I set the “Title” as a required item?
Answer. Unfortunately, you can’t. Currently, (as of Ver.10), The Title is an item which is ‘not required’.


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It doesn’t make me happy to say ‘Unavailable’ on this happy day…
Actually, I brought this topic to the blog because I was asked this same question from two different people.

The ‘Title’ data item basically behaves as a “String type (single line)”, however, some of its specifications have particular differences.

  • ‘Title’ is a data item that always has to be defined
    • Is common to all Processes (Issues)
    • Can be searched in cross-Process
    • Can be displayed on ‘My Tasks’, etc.
    • It is defined at the Start and is undeletable
    • Cannot be set as ‘Hidden (-)’ on the Task Operating screen
  • Input Check is not available
    • Cannot be set as Required
    • Characters are limited to ‘256 maximum’
    • Cannot set a ‘Regular Expression’ check



As a matter of fact, we have accepted requests such as

‘I wish it could always be required’
‘I want it to be able to set as mandatory’

However, as of version 10, ‘Title’ is an item which is ‘Not Required’. We appreciate your understanding of the current specification, though there is a possibility of changes in the specifications.


By the way, all Users of Questetra are able to directly post your requests via the ‘Feedback’s’ side menu. You can also ‘Vote’ for other people’s opinion. I hope you come visit our Feedback Forum.
All the opinions and comments you post will be our reference for the service development, such as new features or priorities to give. We are looking forward to receiving your Feedback.



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