Collaboration of Cloud-based Workflow with Various Groupwares

An article about collaboration of Cloud-based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite" with groupwares such as "G Suite" (formerly Google Apps), "Office365", "Cybozu Garoon" etc.


Now there are various groupwares.
For example, “G Suite” (formerly Google Apps) provided by Google Inc., “Office 365” provided by Microsoft, “Cybozu Garoon” provide by Cybozu Inc., etc.

The cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” which Questetra provides is often utilized by collaborating with those groupwares. However, what we are able to do with those collaborations depends on the combination of Questetra BPM Suite and groupware. In this article, I’ve summarized about them.


1. G Suite(Google Inc.)

G SuiteG Suite_icons

“Questetra BPM Suite” has various collaboration functions with “G Suite”.

  • Authentication Federation (Single Sign-On)
  • Google Drive Collaboration
  • Google Calender Collaboration
  • Google Account Sync

In addition, there are some collaboration examples utilizing Apps Script.


2. Office365(Microsoft)


It is possible to use authentication federation (collaboration with Azure Active Directory or Active Directory by SAML2.0, i.e. Single Sign-On).
Since “Questetra BPM Suite” contains various APIs, it is assumed to be able to realize the collaboration with SharePointOnline or OfficeOnline.


3. Garoon(Cybozu Inc.)


There is an example of collaborating (embedding on Portal) using portlet (image figure below)
In addition, it is possible to utilize authentication federation by using integrated authentication service (which supports SAML2.0 such as OneLogin).


4. Others

As the same as Garoon of Cybozu Inc. above, it is possible to collaborate with groupwares which are capable of collaboration using integrated authentication service (which supports SAML2.0 such as OneLogin), which enables to collaborate with “desknet’s NEO” (NEO JAPAN) etc.

If a groupware is capable of embedding APIs or programming codes, it can be considered to realize the collaboration using APIs of “Questetra BPM Suite”.



Not only a groupware, if a service is capable of collaboration with integrated authentication service supporting SAML2.0, it is able to apply authentication federation in almost all cases. (Note that there are some cases which we cannot apply the collaboration on due to the wide width of acceptance of SAML2.0).
There is an collaboration example with Salesforce.

In actual cases, you can use several services simultaneously, and need to confirm the collaboration propriety with a service you have used since before. I hope the information above will be helpful for such cases.

You can confirm it on Free SaaS environment (no functional limitation) of “Questetra BPM Suite”.

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know from here.

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