Easy Issue Data Search with a Right-click (Chrome extension)

Make "Title" searching easier!


When data have been accumulated in Questetra, you will have occasion of searching for business data of the past frequently. I have been looking for the way how to carry out searching in right-click, and found a good solution, which I am going to tell you here.


In our use of Questetra, there are many Process Models that are operated with a customer name in its title. And I often want to see the information about a customer in other Processes, while screens of a Process detail or Task operation that is related to the customer are opened.

When you would like to carry out searching by a “Title”, you type into the search window at the top of the screen, so that Process Models-transversal search will be performed. In case where a number or “Process ID” (12345 or p12345) was entered, it searches by “Process ID” instead of “Title”.
title search

However, when you type into the search window, it will move to the result list screen from the screen displaying now. Although you can display the result screen in a New window by pressing the Shift key to execute search if the browser is Chrome, I want it in a New tab instead of a New window. So, I was looking for a different way.


I decided to use a Chrome extension referred to as “Context Menu Search”.

When you install this extension, an item of “Context Menu Search” appears on right-click menu. You select “Options” among the list.

Enter ‘Questetra’ (or something you like, as it is merely a display label) into “Display Name” field, and the following URL into “Link” field. (For the part of “●”, enter the characters according to your use environment (license).) And then click on “Add new option”.


In the next screen, you move “Questetra” to the top of the list as it is changeable. And then click on “Save new config”.

That’s it for your setting.


As shown in the image below, the search result will be displayed in the New tab when you highlight a string, and right-click.
It maybe is only a tiny tip, but it will help increase work efficiency. I hope you take advantage of it.

Incidentally, if you configure the URL as the following, it will search by Process ID. I have configured both of them and use selectively.



* This article is written on my personal view, and I do not guarantee anything for the behavior of the extension I introduced. Please note for that point.


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