Collaboration Example : From Paper-Scanning・”Evernote” to “Cloud BPM”

The collaboration example of ScanSnap→ Evernote → Zapier → Questetra BPM Suite.


Do you use “Evernote”?
Perhaps, I think many of you use it for personal use. It’s also useful for me.
I have heard that Evernote Business is already adopted in over 14000 companies around the world.
I think it is one of the services that will further spread rapidly in the future.

In response to the request from one of our customers, I have realized the collaboration of “Paper Scanning > Evernote > Questetra BPM Suite”.

In the below, I will introduce the method for realization without programming.

♦In the actual case of the customer, I used a little programming in the end because I realized in an slightly improved way.
The following description is slightly different from the actual way, but more simple method.

== Purpose ==

The customer has used the system that uploading the documents automatically to Evernote after scanning by the scanner “ScanSnap”.
Then he manually attached the scan data to Questetra BPM Suite (uploaded as file type data). In such situation, he consulted us for simplifying the task.

== Overview ==

From ScanSnap to Evernote, the ScanSnap side provides the system.
To realize the connection between Evernote and Questetra without using programming, I decided to use “Zapier”, a data collaboration tool.
♦Zapier is a service which is capable of collaborating with over 300 Web Applications. “ifttt”, “Yahoo!pipes” etc. are available as similar services.

The flow of process is shown below.

  1. Scan with ScanSnap, and newly create a note on the Evernote
  2. Zapier detects the note creation and sends the data by Email
  3. Questetra BPM Suite receives the Email, and start a process


== Details ==

=== Preparations for ScanSnap and Evernote ===

Create a notebook monitored by Zapier on the Evernote, and set the notebook as receiving scan data from ScanSnap.

=== Preparations for Questetra BPM Suite ===

Create a Process Model which will start by receiving Email (it requires [Message Start Event (Email)] for receiving), and then release it.

=== Setting of Zapier which connects Evernote and Questetra ===

Each of the Zapier setting for data collaboration is called “Zap”. This time we need to prepare Zap of “Sending Email to specified address when new notes are added to Evernote”. The concrete procedure is shown below.

1. Click [Make a New Zap]

2. Select [Evernote]-[New Note] as Trigger, [Email]-[Send Outbound Email] as Action, and then click [Continue]

3. Select a Evermnote account for data collaboration, and click [Continue] after passing through authentication

4. Click [Continue] without Email account setting

5. Specify a notebook to be referred to, and click [Continue]

6. Specify destination address and title etc. of Email. Since it is capable of embedding Evernote data, set Evernote attachement file into Email attachment file, and click [Continue]

7. Check the performance by Test, and then click [Continue] (If the notebook Zapier refers to has no notes, the sample will not be generated. Re-execute after preparing notes).

8. Name to the Zap, and then click [Turn Zap On]

9. The setting is completed if the Zap is displayed on [My Zap]

♦It takes a few minutes to actually detect that a new note is created on Evernote (The interval of detection time differs depending on the grade of Zapier account). If you want to execute immediately, in the My Zap screen, click the gear icon placed on the right side of the Zap. Clicking [Run] in the popped menu, the Zap will immediately run.

== Supplement ==

  • Zapier restricts the range of free use. If the number of processes is large or you want to reduce the detection time, it is required to register charged plan. For more details, please check here.
  • As I wrote in the beginning, in the actual case, since the cooperation using Email is NG in terms of security, I changed the way of cooperating from Zapier to Qustetetra BPM Suite into the method to use HTTP request. Thus I wrote some script for Zapier, and prepared original Apps. As for the details of it, I will introduce it some other time.

I think the flow that paper-scanning starts tasks and can allocate to those who need the tasks could be applied for the variety of things.
In addition, as Zapier can easily realize the collaboration with various Web applications, not only Evernote, I think it can be utilized for more widely applications.

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