System Collaboration Examples (Ver. June, 2016)

Questetra BPM Suite Version 11.0 released in June, 2016 has achieved more collaboration examples!

In the previous blog post “Cases of Cooperation with BPM products and Office365, Salesforce, Cybozu, etc. (List of Examples of Cooperation: part 1)“, I have summarized the collaboration examples between Cloud-based BPM Workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” and other systems.
Including Questetra BPM Suite Ver.11.0.0 which was released the other day, the API has been enhanced considerably since I wrote the last blog post, and now there are many new collaboration examples. I have summarized them again.

♦The examples mentioned in this article are only the ones I know first hand. Since the API has become more broad, I assume there are many other examples.

Authentication (Single Sign-On)

Questetra is capable of Single Sign-On by connecting with various authentication servers.
Some collaboration examples are G Suite (formerly Google Apps), Office365(Azure Active Directory, Active Directory+Active Directory Federation Service), Salesforce.
As for authentication services, we have the examples of onelogin, HDEone etc.
連携サービス_認証♦ Collaboration with G Suite has special functions. Other examples use federated authentication with SAML 2.0 (Questetra becomes the SP, namely, service provider.)


Questetra is capable of collaborating with functions of various groupwares.
Some examples are G Suite, Office365, Cybozu Garoon etc.
連携サービス_グループウェアPlease check the following page for more details.

Online Storage

Questetra is capable of exporting to various storage services.
Namely, Google Drive, box, Dropbox.
連携サービス_ストレージ♦ The collaboration with Google Drive has special functions. Others collaborate through REST API.
♦ We expect to support functions other than exporting by making changes to the API

Paper Input-output

Questetra has collaboration examples for paper input and output.
・Scan Input from Paper:Scansnap(via Evernote)
・FAX Input and Output:Transfax, efax
・Paper printing: Google Cloud Print(via Google Drive)


Questetra has cases of data integration with various SFA/CRM.
There are cases of integration with Salesforce, e-sales manager Remix CLOUD, Synergy!, and Oracle CRM On Demand.


Questetra has cases of data sending to various SNS.
There are cases of slack, and chatwork.


Besides, Questetra has many other collaboration examples with various tools.
– Web database: kintone
– Simple task management: Backlog, trello
– Phone:twilio
– Create diagrams: Cacoo
– Hardware: Phillips hue, arduino
– Payments: WebPay, stripe
– Connection tools: ifttt, zapier, Do Button, Do Note
– Others: Evernote, Obic7


By the way, we have the following ways of collaboration. I think you can imagine there is a number of possibilities available through collaboration with Questetra other than the examples described above.

  • REST API (capable of sending/receiving, including cases of calling the SOAP API of other services from Questetra)
  • Email (capable of sending/receiving, it is possible to analyze body text through the reception of email with Questetra)
  • SAML2.0 (Federated Authentication)

♦The cases of connection tools such as ifttt and zapier are connected by REST API or Email.

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