Ver.10.3: “Descriptions and Notes” on the Business Flow Diagrams is Available Now!

New BPMN icon, [Annotation], has been added


On July 6, the new version 10.3 was released. Have you tried the newly added features? In this article, we would like to introduce the several new features of Ver.10.3.


The First one is a new BPMN item called [Annotations].


By placing an [Annotations] item onto the Business Flow Diagram, you will be able to fill out a description of the business and of each Step. Up until now, I think it was possible to describe the business content on the Step name or by indicating a [work manual]. However, now you are able to clearly communicate the (tips of) business content even more, using “Annotations”, because you can add a description to the Workflow diagram.
([Work manual] is good for the description of the business rules and more detailed explanations.)



The [Annotation] icon is available on the “Advanced” palette. By adding an appropriate description, the Business Flow Diagram will become easier to read, and therefore easier to understand. When you create or edit a new Business Process, by all means, please consider adding the [Annotations] item.

I think this is also a business improvement!


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