Ver. 10.3: Added Option for Deleting Unnecessary Files upon Generating PDF File

Introducing enhanced feature of "Service Task (PDF generation)"


The second episode in the introduction of the new features of version 10.3, is about “Service Task (PDF generation)”.

“Service Task (PDF generation)”, a function to automatically generate PDF documents by embedding Business data on a Template PDF file, which has been prepared for in advance, is one of the features that many Users of our product are taking advantage of.
(At Questetra, Inc. We create “Estimates” and “Invoices” using this feature.)


I would like to introduce the following three enhancements of this feature in Version 10.3.

  1. Added an option to “Delete other files when saving” to the settings of “File type data item to save the PDF file”.
  2. Enabled to embed image files (File type data item) in the PDF document.
  3. Enabled the embedment of the Workflow platform’s management information, such as: “Process ID” and “Process Start date and time”, in the PDF document.


== 1. Delete the files “other than” the newly generated PDF document ==

Until now, auto-generated PDF documents in “Service Task (PDF generation)”, could only be “added” to the specified file type data item. For example, when you iterated “PDF generation=>Review=>Correction & Regenerate” on Issuance Process of Estimates and Invoices, the PDF documents that are no longer necessary also remained attached.
(Also, depending on how you named the PDF document, files with the same name would remain as well…)

In the 10.3 version, you can delete obsolete PDF files, by enabling the option “Delete other files when saving”. After the “Service Task (PDF generation)” has been processed, only the newly generated PDF document is attached! (Goodbye to the unnecessary files!)



Besides the above case which involves the generation of a PDF form repeatedly, you can also use it for cases in which you need to “Delete the ‘files that contain personal information’, and to issue a deletion certificate”. You can find more details in the Workflow Sample article below.


= “National Identification Number in Workflow (4)

…also, personal identification document image files, will be automatically deleted after corroboration from the Accounting Department.


== 2. Embedding of Image Files ==

As well as String type or Numeric type data, “Image files”, which have been attached to the file type data item, can be embedded on a PDF document. Image files that can be embedded are “GIF / JPEG / PNG” formats, and the file size must be “100KB or less”.


== 3. Embedding of the management information of Workflow platform ==

In addition to the Process data items such as String type, it is now possible to embed the workflow platform’s management information, such as: “Process ID” and “Process Start date and time”, in the PDF document. From version 10.3, you will be able to directly embed these information in the PDF file, instead of saving it as another Process data item.

  • Process Model Name: processModelInfoName
  • Title: processInstanceTitle
    (title is available as it was before)
  • Process ID: processInstanceId
  • Process Start date and time: processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Process Start User: processInstanceInitQuserName


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