Speeding up Sequential Task Handling in Version 10.3!

Useful for handling Issues collectively at the end of the month or the beginning of the month!


Within the series of  Version 10.3 ‘s New Feature introduction, I would like to introduce the feature: “Sequential operation of multiple Tasks”, this time.


Until Ver.10.2, you needed to operate your Tasks one by one, and whenever you needed to operate many Tasks in [My Tasks], you needed to click on each Task listed in [My Tasks] screen to open its respective Form screen. In other words, you needed to go back to [My Tasks] every time you finished a Task.



So, in response to request from users who “Want to operate Tasks at once through collective selection”, the feature “Sequential operation of multiple Tasks”, is available on version 10.3.
Specifically, all you need to do is check the Issues you want to operate sequentially, and click on the [Execute selected tasks continuously] button.

We hope this new feature will be useful for:

  • Handling Issues collectively at the end of the month or at the beginning of the month
  • Handling Issues collectively within a timeframe you have settled.

(We strongly recommend not to handle the Issues mechanically without verifying the contents. In case you have many mechanical Issues, maybe you should review your Business Process!)


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