What is Questetra?

Cloud Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite"

Ans.1: Process Improvement tool

  1. Business Process PDCA CycleDefine a stream! (Modeling)
  2. Flow on the stream!! (Operating)
  3. Monitor performance!!! (Monitoring)

BPM is a Business Administration concept that involves the “continuous improvement of business processes” Questetra is a BPM tool to improve employee productivity.

BPM: Business Process Management


Ans.2: System Development tool

System Flow Gateway with BPMNQuestetra provides business people, who have no programming or system knowledge, a platform for process improvement. All BPM operations are completed in the cloud via a Web browser. No software needs to be deployed locally.

Modelling Feature x Operating Feature


Ans.3: Online Communication tool

good on enterprise social communicationQuestetra is also a communication platform which references business data, implemented as a full-scale Enterprise Social feature. Questetra will improve the operational efficiency dramatically.

 TaskFeed Feature x Operating Feature


Ans.4: Japanese Venture Company

Global SaaS Cloud from JapanQuestetra, Inc. is a cloud computing company in Kyoto Japan, founded in 2008.

We optimize the world’s Business Processes. (Keywords: Process Improvement, Visualization, PDCA Cycle, Cloud, BPM, Workflow, G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Connectivity, Multilingual, API, Smartphone)

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