Globalway, Inc.

Shortened the period of the product development into one fifth, by the standardization of product planning operations

Standardizing the Planning Process of Store-brand

== Handling the product planning of 3000 a month ==

Q. What kind of scene are you using Questetra for?

Globalway, Inc. are providing “Voxer”, a service for cooperating cloud products.

For example, we build the IT environment, such as connecting the business data of “core cloud” or “customer management cloud” with “analysis system”, and we operate the whole system on behalf of the customers. As an expert of cloud collaboration, we are contributing to the business transformation of client enterprise. (ERP/CRM, SOA, DWH/BI)


We are utilizing Questetra for the Issues of ‘Store-brand product developing process’ of our client who runs a Catalog retailer business, and also for a framework to standardize these operational processes.


Q. What is the Standardization you have realized?

Product development of Store-brand requires so many ‘Checking Steps’.

There are Check Steps in a wide range. Not only quality check on the purchasing material itself, also the manufacturing and production system of the material or distribution system need to be checked. Because this client has applied the checking rule of their own which is stricter than the standard that has been established by the government, and they updated the rule from time to time, we were required to modify the Business Process to match the changes of the rule.planning-process-enAll the Issues of the product planning project have become to be conveyed by Questetra Workflow, therefore, required checks are applied automatically. Even though the number of product planning will climb up to about 3,000 monthly, the development period is now approximately 1/5 as compared with the conventional “check on paper”. At the same time, each current progress has been visualized. This client is very happy with those, now.


== Inter-cloud Collaboration Utilizing Standard APIs ==

Q. Did you need to collaborate with other Cloud products?

We have constructed a framework to manage data such as suppliers, purchasing materials and products on Salesforce and AWS, and then collaborated them with Questetra. (* AWS: Amazon Web Services)

Although this Issue was needed to refer these data or to return data inside the workflow, all could be automated by using the external reference feature or API features of Questetra. We really appreciate the presence of a Cloud Workflow which is providing APIs as its standard.


Q. What do you expect of Questetra in the future?

I know there are many precedents of collaboration of Questetra with Salesforce or GSuite (formerly Google Apps). However, we are expecting Questetra to open up the cases of collaboration with other Cloud products.

For example, if collaboration with ‘Box’, Cloud storage, could be carried out smoothly, we would be able to make proposal to even more enterprises.


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