KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc.

Visualizing the progress of the Quotation flow, achieving quick and thorough response to trouble reports.

Cases of utilization by a Japanese Company Based in North America

Achieving visualization of progress and rigorous deadline management of the Quotation flow.

Q. What kind of business operations do you use Questetra for?

KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc. (KPTI) is one of Kyocera Group’s subsidiaries, which manufactures “Machining tools”.

We are manufacturing Minimum Diameter Cutting Tools, such as “Micro drills”, in Los Angeles, California. Our company belongs to the segment of applied technology developed from fine ceramic parts, of Kyocera Group. The range of use for “drills” spreads from Printed Circuit Boards inside electronics, to those used in the automotive and aerospace industry and the medical field.

We are using Questetra for Quotation work when manufacturing the aforementioned drills, and for the reporting trouble that occurs in the production line.

KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc.

From the left Mr.Jerry Signorelli (Customer Service), Mr.Daniel Hernandez (Customer Service), Mr.Masahiro Tabata (Factory manager of California)

Q. Please tell me about the details of your Quotation flow.

Many of the “drills” are manufactured through special order.

The status of a Quotation splits into three flows which are:

  1. Entry of specifications by the Sales staff
  2. Confirmation by the Engineering department
  3. Final approval by the Director

We are managing these flows using Questetra.

The “Flow of the business” was clearly determined before introducing Questetra, of course. However, it was difficult to understand the “Progress” of the Issues that were flowing there. Now, we are able to check the status of all the Quotations at anytime. Also, alert notifications are delivered automatically if the “Confirmation by Engineer department” is left untreated. I feel that our business is going smoothly and systematically.

Trouble on the production line are resolved promptly and without omission

Q. Please tell me about the details of your Trouble Reporting flow.

Trouble Reporting flow is a part of the business which consists of reporting problems that occur with the machines of the production line.

The personnel who notices the problem makes a report, and then the administrator determines the need to address it. Since the machines are running 24 hours everyday, these reports come out day-to-day. Therefore, there were difficulties before we introduced Questetra, because some of these troubles would remain unattended, or we were even unable to know which reported trouble had been corresponded.

Now, we have eliminated unattended reports, and achieved the visualization of the current situation.

Q. Please tell me about your prospects for the Future.

Regarding the Quotation flow, we are going to utilize it for future product improvement by identifying the trend of demand based on the accumulated data. Also, regarding the Trouble Report flow, we are going to devise its operation so that all of the problems will be reported without estimating whether it is a major trouble or not.

However, there are cases in which reported troubles remain opened, because they were simple problems that could be fixed on the spot, immediately, or when it is fixed by the scheduled maintenance. In order not to leave open such unnecessary tasks, we are going to devise corrective measures further.


KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc.

5,000,000 USD
Hendersonville North Carolina, U.S.A.
April 2014
Business Description
Manufacturing and Sales of Cutting tools