Institute for Information Management and Communication, Kyoto University

All of the inquiries that come from faculty members as well as external users were first gradually centralized into one contact point. Only cases that cannot be answered immediately are sent to more specific departments. The workflow helped to clarify the inquiry management process, ultimately reduced response time and eliminated the occurrence of neglected inquiries.

Centralized the Inquiry Contact Point with an Inquiry Management Workflow

Making the Whereabouts of Tasks Visible

Q. Please tell us about your institute’s inquiry management process.

Kyoto-u 01The Institute for Information Management and Communication at Kyoto University provides over 20 types of services to students and faculty members, including operation of LAN environments, web email systems and remote lecture systems. Our inquiry management process is where we help to resolve questions and manage registrations, all in one centralized point. We mainly answer email or webform inquiries by email.

Most questions can be answered by the contact reception staff, and the process (workflow) is easily completed. But some questions regarding new services or questions that require certain decision-making go through the review and approval of each service team (using Questetra BPM Suite auto-email function) before automatic answering.

With Questetra BPM Suite we are able to monitor “who is in charge of which inquiry,” and be sure no inquiry is responded too slowly.

What items do you monitor besides “number of inquiries”

Kyoto-U 02One main measurement we use is “response time.” Questetra’s product automatically records the time each inquiry comes in, the time each answer is sent, and even the average time of all responses. We also measure the ratio of inquiries that are sent to each service team for review.

In reality, though, some inquiries can be answered with past templates, while some cannot be easily answered even when sent to specific service teams, so evaluating performance is not a simple task.

HopING TO Use in A Wider Range, Including Registration Management

Q. Please tell us about your future plans.

Since our inquiry management process was centralized into one contact point, each service team is able to use the time for their primary work instead, such as announcing maintenance information, announcing security-related information, holding events and lectures, etc.

The Institute for Information Management and Communication offers a variety of services, so many of our business processes are still opaque. We hope to continue improving our workflows, including user registration, work reports and more.

Institute for Information Management and Communication, Kyoto University

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