Kyoto University Informatics AA

Alumni Association of Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. At the workflow base of Questetra and G Suite (formerly Google Apps), processing collaboratively on reminding to whom not paid and on query support.

Acceptance & Account Reconciliation Flow for 500 People Event

Fully automate the “Payment guide mail”

Q. What Kind of Operations Do You Use Questetra BPM Suite for?

Johogaku Super Networking EventAlumni Association of Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (Kyoto-u informatics AA) is the young Alumni Association which was established in 2000. It is an small-scale association with under 2,000 members.

At Kyoto-u informatics AA organize various events, including the “Super Networking” which is a public event of 500 people. We use Questetra BPM Suite on the works of Account Reconciliation of registered participants to the event. Specifically, passing the ‘Event registration data’ which is accepted in a Google document, to Questetra from Google Apps Script. Then, Questetra sends a ‘Payment guide mail’ automatically. After that, it automatically sends a ‘Thank you email’ when the payment is confirmed. It means always displaying the list of ‘members who have not paid yet’ in [My Tasks].

Q. Are there more than one person are working on Account Reconciliation?

Johogaku Workflow DiagramAbout three people work on Account Reconciliation that is to check the bank transfer for event entry fee and to reconcile with ‘Event application data’ in the Workflow. A number of secretaries are monitoring the recording of payment and the demand list.

In the actual flow, if the payment could not be confirmed even after one week, we have sent “Reminder mail” that guide how to deposit from Questetra as well. That is, strictly to say, ‘members who had not paid yet’ and ‘members who had not paid yet and had been sent the reminder already’, are always listed.

Also Utilizing for Contact Support Services

Q. Have you expanded the use to other businesses?

Johogaku Super NetworkingWe utilize it for ‘Contact management’ and ‘Monthly reports of Secretaries’.

We centralize the management of those contacts by email and Web. Mainly, to answer queries about membership fee from alumni, and reference on membership information. Management of which query has not been replied yet, and who has replied how. Now we have more opportunities to see the previous data, as the reply record increase.

And ‘Monthly reports of Secretaries’, all the secretaries report “Activities for the Alumni Association” in a Monthly-report form. Since a notification, “Please write a monthly report of this Month”, automatically arrives in the morning of the last day of each month for all the secretary, almost everyone submit a monthly report before the tenth day of each month, the deadline day.

Q. Please tell us about which aspects of Questetra are you most satisfied with.

Johogaku StageEven though a secretary of Alumni Association, graduates or current students are working for almost nothing. Because many of the student secretaries who play a central role would graduate after a year or two, we could hardly establish a Workflow. I think that the fact that now they can easily hand down the operating procedures is good.

Even though it is only a feature to avoid the need to memorize multiple passwords, Single Sign-on to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is very convenient. And though it is a small thing, it helps to ease the burden for the secretaries when writing reports because the title of the report is already entered by default in the form of “[Secretary Report of the Month]” by Ichiro Suzuki Oct.2011″.

Kyoto University Informatics AA

April 1, 2000

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