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Sales business of automatic ordering system for distribution industry. Visualizing the customer support system, practicing continuous improvement of service quality. Taking full advantage of G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Connectivity feature.

Entirely Visualized Customer support Experience

Constantly Analyzing THE IDEAL ‘Customer Support’

Q. How do you use Questetra BPM Suite as a company that provides SINOPS series, Inventory management / Automatic ordering system for Distributing industry to “Reduce 10% of wasting around the World”.

First, we started from the ‘Business trip application flow’, then gradually expanded to all other application processes (attendance, overtime, expense report, etc.), daily reports, and Support issues Management.

We propose to everyone in distribution business our “SINOPS, Inventory management / Automatic ordering System“. We used to manage ‘Support issues’ in paper documents, so 30 out of 300 issues were past their deadline. Now, we got rid of almost all those overdue processes and achieved a lot of business efficiency, thanks for the deadline management with “Questetra BPM Suite” plus “Google docs”.

Q. Is there any secondary effects?

We feel great significance on detailed analysis of “Support issue management”, such as what kind of operation takes the time against our customers, or how is the profitability going on. And we also think it helps us to visualize the progress of each support issue, and makes us reacting more quickly when a problem happened.

Moreover, we moved most of our operations to the Web, almost data aggregation have been automated. Furthermore, it gave us an opportunity to review the business processes because the actual business process is visualized through an internal hearing. About the “Daily reports”, which we could hardly operate before, now they are done properly through under the leaders’ supervision.

Full Advantage of G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Connectivity

Q. Are you satisfied with Questetra?

Above all, we are very happy for the fact that business rules are thoroughly applied, and eliminated reports leakage and miscommunication.

We were considering the introduction of an ERP at the beginning, but the target that we were aiming for is almost accomplished with the combination of “Questetra BPM Suite” and “Google docs” and “Analyzing tool (developed in-house)”. Integration with the G Suite and other external systems is very useful. I like the compatibility with Google Docs, the most.

We used to use ‘paper forms’ before, but now we are doing everything but the expense application ‘Paperless’. The “Workflow” was visualized, and we conducted a review of the approval hierarchy. It made secure checking possible by approving the necessary issues at each layer.

Q. Do you call it a core system?

The Questetra BPM Suite, now plays the part as an important core system. Now we are trying to apply it to the ‘Development / Testing / Release’ operation.

On the point we want to improve about Questetra BPM Suite, we want to make more detailed setting in the “notification e-mail at task assignment” body and the destination. And we will be happy if multi-steps pull-down menu in setting Select type Data item.

Link Co., Ltd.

35 million yen
Chuo-ku, Osaka
October 2, 1987
CEO Hiroshi Minamitani
Main businesses:
Logistics/ Distribution Solutions Package Development and Sales, , BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Logistics Analysis and Consultant Logistics

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