Developing a system that allows efficiently implement sales work for used car warranty, with Questetra partner.

Establish a Business Management System that enables 6000 Used Car Warranty Sales per Month

== Continue to work on the improvement of used car warranty sales business ==

Q. what kind of business are you using Questetra for?

TOKYO NICE SYSTEM, LLC provides services of system infrastructure for “warranty service” provided by second-hand car dealers.

In case of the purchase of a new vehicle, a “warranty from automobile manufacturer” is given by default, but in the case of used cars, the warranty may no longer be valid.
Today’s second-hand car dealers not only perform the necessary maintenance, but also sell their cars including a “unique warranty service”.

Managed Trust
Managed Trust

TOKYO NICE SYSTEM, LLC’s belongs to “Managed Trust”, which offers a BPO of warranty service for second hand car dealers to provide in turn. By doing this, we create economies of scale, and therefore we are able to offer superior quality services than those used car dealers can offer by themselves.
Among those services, there is us, TOKYO NICE SYSTEM, LLC, who provide various system infrastructure related to the “warranty service”.

We are utilizing Questetra for the “application for warranty service”.

Q. Please tell us how you utilize it concretely.

In order to provide a “warranty service” such as warranty period and warranty expenses, we need to have some basic information such as “model”, “year”, “mileage” and “accident history” from second hand car dealers.
Previously, the “requesting” step was processed receiving that information by FAX, but now it is done by entering data directly.

When data is input by a used car dealer, it is automatically checked on the “warranty service Database system” owned by TOKYO NICE SYSTEM, LLC, and after that, the personnel in charge will process the application for warranty with an appropriate warranty service and fee.
Incidentally, if additional information is needed, we will “flow it back” to the used car dealers.
We are using Questetra to do such series of data delivery.

Meanwhile, the management staff confirms the progress of correspondence on the Business Flow Diagram on a daily basis, not to have any “omission of response” or “response delay”.
If a process with poor performance is found, we will fix the input screen or the flow itself.
Now we are capable of creating “warranty service” for about 200 cases per day, about 6000 cases per month.

== Develop used car warranty sale system with Questetra certified partner ==

Q. How did you develop the Workflows at the time of introduction?

We were supported by Software Partner Inc., a certified partner company.

As for the work process done by people, the sequence and flow was set by the TOKYO NICE SYSTEM, LLC itself, however, we decided to outsource the entire process of automatic processing such as “Automatic Database system communication”.
However, we also got advice for the settings we had to do ourselves, and as a result, I feel that we were able to launch the system very efficiently.

Software Partner Inc. Questetra certified partner
Trade name Software Partner Inc.
Head office S & S Building, 6-36 Shinogawa-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, zip.1620814
Capital 20 million JPY
Business description System development, infrastructure construction, product sales, product development

Q. Please tell me things you expect from Questetra.

For used car sales, not only “warranty service” but also “after-sales service” is an important element.

When we sell “after-sale service”, events such as “inquiries on mechanical failure” or “Reception of Roadside assistance request”, etc. Will be business that will trigger work that flows to more companies.

A part of the workflow is already managed by Questetra, but I think that it will be appreciated if it becomes easier to set Business Processes that involve more companies.


10.5 million JPY
Head office
4F, 3-10-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
September 10th, 2014
Business description
System related business, BPR consulting, Shared service, Event planning and management

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