Nissen Co., Ltd.

With several hundred email magazines to send out every month, making the related process transparent was a significant improvement. The company continues to make improvements in order to offer each customer the best information.

Made the Email Magazine Workflow Transparent

A Goal to Reduce Lead Time

Q. Please tell us about your “from draft to sending workflow” which you applied using Questetra BPM Suite.

NissenAt Nissen we send over 30 different types of email magazines to our customers, from the general “nissen news” to discount information, to columns on lifestyle tips.

Many of our customers start out from our email magazines, so this is very important work.
Currently we create and send articles targeted and optimized to each member segment.
We end up writing several hundred articles a month.

We will continue to send email magazine articles according to each customer’s needs, and accommodate further complex customer segments.
At the same time we want to reduce the lead time from drafting to sending, in order to provide customers with the freshest information possible.

Q. How did you manage the work before?

We mainly used email and a spreadsheet program (Excel) to manage progress and results. Each staff member conducted the work in different ways, so even if we wanted to improve performance we didn’t know where to start. Our main issues were, (1) The process depended on human labor, (2) It was difficult to monitor progress and (3) It was difficult to clarify waste and inconsistencies.

Starting WITH Standardization!

Q. What did you do to solve these problems?

Nissen ModelFirst, we began by clarifying the overall process from writing the articles to sending them. Specifically, we interviewed each member in charge of the job, and drew the procedures out as workflow diagrams in Questetra BPM Suite. We kept repeating the cycle of “creating” and “reviewing” workflows, and there were many splits by email magazine types and sending conditions. In the end we were able to put all of the workflows down on paper, though.

After that, we had staff members input the results of their work in Questetra BPM Suite webforms (of the workflow system automatically generated by the drawn workflows).

We’ve been able to grasp work performance better than we expected. Also, we allowed all concerned parties access to the monitoring function, and this not only lead to discovery of bottlenecks but also caused a passionate discussion on work optimization. It was a pleasant surprise to see staff members actively participating in discussions like that.

Q. Please tell us about your future plans.

We hope to keep offering the most appropriate information to each customer. For this we intend to strengthen our foundation for one-to-one email marketing, and continue to improve activities. First of all, we are going to implement the work that is still conducted by email into Questetra BPM Suite.

Nissen Co., Ltd.

100,000,000 JPY
June 21, 2007
Shinya Samura
Main businesses:
Mail order and Internet shops for women apparel, interior goods, kimono-related goods; operation of real stores for kimono, jewelry and precious metals; other services related to these businesses

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