ORIX Auto Corporation

Carsharing, a lot of membership shares use of multiple auto vehicle. Standardization of "procedures for establishing new station" could prevent the occurrence of missing or leakage.

Standardized Establishing Carsharing Station

To Ensure the Preparation of Cars and Parking.

Q. What Workflow do you apply in “Questetra BPM Suite”, as ORIX Auto Corporation, an enterprise of Auto lease and Rent-a-car?

Oricx CarShareAt ORIX Auto Corporation, we manage “Auto lease”, “Rent-a-car”, “Used car sales”, and “Carsharing”, for which, we use Questetra.

To put it simple, Carsharing is a system where a lot of members share the use of multiple cars, and ORIX Auto Corporation proposes a new car life style “Using better than Owning”. Members can use a car with a reservation via the Internet an pick it up at a “carstation” (parking).

Q. Are there many data items to record ?

When all work process is completed in accordance with the procedure, about 70 data items have to be entered. And the work processes are about 20.

Satisfied with Workflow Modeling Feature

Q.How much are you satisfied with Questetra?

I like the overall, such as Modeling feature, Monitoring feature, Workflow Feature. Especially, I like the Drag&Drop capabilities for designing in the Modeling section.

And, it is also fascinating that it’s SaaS and compatible with smartphones. On the other hand, we expect further acceleration in terms of performance.

Q. Please tell us your dissatisfactions in terms of Function.

If I must find something bad to say, the “Navigation terms” on the operation screen are difficult for the general users. It will be no problem once they get used to it, but it takes some time to do so.

In the future, we would like you to simplify the complex coordination of workflows. Specifically, we want to start any number of baby processes.

ORIX Auto Corporation

June 1, 1973
President:Katsunobu Kamei
Main businesses:
Auto lease, Rent-a-car, Carsharing, Used car sale

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