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As the best solution for G Suite (formerly Google Apps) workflow - Making extensive use of Enterprise Social Networking feature "TaskFeed"

Decision-Making Environment Using Enterprise Social Networking

Built the Sophisticated Business System Intuitively

Q. What is your purpose of using Questetra BPM Suite?

We Sansan, Inc. are developing “Sansan”, the cloud-based business card management services.

sansan“Sansan” will contribute to strengthen the sales force and to sales growth, by making Business Card information to be used in sales activities efficiently.

We also are providing “Eight”, a business card management application for individuals which is based on the concept of “changing business card into business links”.

We conducted a third party allotment of 500 million yen in total in April 2013. We will continue to promote the expansion of our organization, and the improvement of the operations in both quality and efficiency, to our goal that is Market awareness expansion to “Sansan” and “Eight”, and accelerating global business development. Under these circumstances, it is important not to drop the speed of decision-making related to business expansion.We decided to make use of Questetra BPM Suite on the “efficiency of the Requisition operation” which related to the execution of the various projects as the first goal.

Q. What advantage did you find?

Sansan, Inc.

At first, we tried to make the Purchasing Requisition operations efficient, using a simple workflow system from another company, which could also cooperate with G Suite (formerly Google Apps), but we had several dissatisfactions such as: the approver could not belong to multiple departments concurrently, or we could not flexibly determine the personnel to handle approval tasks, or even configure the deadline of the task.

Questetra BPM Suite, besides cooperating with G Suite, it is also equipped with features enough that solve the frustrations we had with the other system. Moreover, it is also better for modeling, since we can build a system by drawing a picture of business flow diagram.

Even without any knowledge of programming, we could intuitively build a highly functional business system such as sending email alerts for tasks which is approaching its deadline. After becoming to be able to operate requisition operations efficiently in Questetra BPM Suite, we have systemized 15 business flows in HR, Affairs, Legal, and 10 more in other sections.


Decision-making with Enterprise Social Networking feature

Q. Do you think Questetra helps in raising the speed of decision-making?

I would say the most helpful feature for Sansan is Task Feed. Task feed is a so-called Enterprise Social Networking function, it is not only users can originate the information (tweet), but also it can associate these originated information with each business process like an application.

Through the active use of the task feed, they can exchange (discuss or confirm) detailed information that may occur in each project without using the telephone, and it leaves the records of these information exchanges associating with projects.Now we can proceed the approval type business flow of important decision-making especially, without a bottleneck.

Q. Do you have anything you expect for Questetra, in the future?

Because the both of the sales and the number of the employees have been increasing rapidly in the last few years in Sansan, it has become a big issue to strengthen the internal control system according to it. From now on, we would like to consider arranging an environment that can conduct business efficiently and certainly by systemizing in Questetra, along with we start operating of the enacted company regulations.

We once had given a strong demand to the Questetra’s about the improvement of Task Feed, and you responded to us superbly. There is one of our demands now, that we want to be able to set conditional split in accordance with the organization which the applicant belongs to, and we expect you to surely respond to our needs.。
business process diagrams of Sansan

Sansan, Inc.

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The planning, development, and selling of cloud services for business card management.

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