Application via Enterprise Portal

It will be convenient when links to Application Processes, such as 'Expense Report' or 'Leave Request' which all the employees would make, are indicated on the Enterprise Portal.

I personally determined the theme of blog posting ‚connection to various services and materials with Questetra‘, but I don’t feel so easy, recently. However, I haven’t posted for a long time, so would like to tell you some simple tips for Questetra.


There are many customers of Questetra who use Questetra on applications. Among them, I heard requests that ‚want to put the links to particular Application Processes on their enterprise portal‘. So I will show you how to do that.


Here is the solution. Please install the following URL in your enterprise portal. that varies by the customer)/PE/ProcessModel/listView?processModelInfoId=(Process Model ID)


‚Number varies by the customer‘ is „00000001“ for the Online Demo, for example.

‚Process Model ID‘ is the number that varies by the applications for. You can confirm the number on the Process Model Setting screen of the corresponding application. It is supposed to be e.g. [m225], but take away „m“ and input „225“ only.

For example, URL will be as follows.


This URL does not change even you upgrade it to improve the process model. Please use it with confidence.

However, it will not show the input form directly. The page of the entrance of the relevant Application will appear which shows Work Manual and others.Link_Portal-en



So, What to do if you want to display the input form directly?

It is possible, but it would not be suitable for the Enterprise Portal because the URL will be changed on each upgrading. If you ‚don’t care such a thing‘, please contact our Customer Service.

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