Questetra: Version 7 of SaaS BPM System, With Replenished API

Free Open Source Sample App for Smartphone Now Available

Kyoto, Japan — September 15, 2010 — Japanese software development company Questetra, Inc., launches the newest version of its cloud BPM application “Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition: September 2010 Version 7” on September 15.

The new version comes with APIs that enable connectivity with third party software, so companies will be able to create original apps according to their unique business requirements; for example, an iPhone app for issuing quotations or a desktop app for facilitating approvals.

aaS Workflow via Android / iPhone

SaaS Workflow via Android / iPhone

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition is a global cloud application hailing from Japan designed to promote transparency of company processes and performance. Managers can create and edit workflows easily by drag-and-drop, and instantly update the necessary improvements to the system. This makes it possible to pull BPM out of dead-end discussions and have real, on-site demands drive change. (Free up to 5 users)

The software can handle general office and payment processes (for instance, applying for an advance), as well as complex workflows such as requesting the accounting department to confirm a quotation before submission to a client, or having multiple peers pre-check an important presentation simultaneously and effectively. (Selected in Gartner’s Cool Vendor List, e27’s Asia’s Top 50 Apps, etc.)

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition Version 7

Today’s IT world, including the SaaS market, is riding the cloud computing revolution and seeing a shift from “ownership” to “utilization” of information systems. Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition Version 7 comes with a further enhanced API package. Companies will find it easier to develop apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Widgets, Gadgets and interoperation apps within mission-critical systems. Questetra will also provide open source sample codes for iPhone and Android.

Some ways the APIs can be used include (1) Initiating processes from mission-critical system and automatically acquiring info from mission-critical system (BPMN Catching Event API, with secure key); (2) Sending info to mission-critical system by POST method, sending out automatic emails, and connecting with ECM system (BPMN Throwing Event API); (3) Displaying various tasks in Smartphone app or office screen (Execute Process API, with user authentication); (4) Deleting and adding users and groups (User Management API, with user authentication). Basic authentication and OAuth can be used for user authentication.

Comments from Questetra’s CEO

“In this age of cloud computing and mashups, we consider offering APIs to be an extremely important part of our business. Questetra will continue to improve on its workflow engine and process modeler, while simultaneously expanding its API library to promote a win-win relationship with consulting and integration partners.”


Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, located in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks and contribute to businesses around the world.

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