Last updated Feb 05, 2018

Adding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition

When you want to automate Processing-steps, such as "Obtaining Number of characters and Hash value", it is impossible to define them using only standard [Service Task] and [Event] (You must use [Script Task] ). However, you will be able to automate your business easily by importing [Addon XML], such as "Number of Character Counter-addon.xml" or "SHA Hash-addon.xml", in advance. (Service-Task Addon)


a. Automatic Arithmetic Operations (M227)
Automatically updated by setting the formula (e.g.: data['9'] * 1.08 )
b. Automatic Date Calculation (M227)
Automatically updated by setting the formula (e.g.: #today.addDays(-7) )
c. Automatic String Generation (M227)
Automatically updated by setting the formula (e.g.: ID-#{#sformat('%06d', data['9'])} )
d. Automatic PDF Generation (M228)
Prepare [Template PDF] in which „Insertion ID“ has been set
e. Automatic Storing to Google Drive (M229)
Set up „Target folder“ and „File-owner“
  • The [Script Task] setting to configure Script is said to be more versatile (M230)
1. Get Add-on XML
Be sure to download them from a trusted website (Trusted publisher)
2. Import
[App Detail] > [Manage Add-on]
  • Users with System administrator authorization can add as an add-on available for all applications (up to 10)
  • You can get some „Add-on XML“s at „Download“ in M415 (Bottom of this page)
  • If you cannot find the „Add-on XML“ you need, you can create your own (M416)
1. Move to Edit Mode of Business Process
Start the Process Modeller ([App Details] > [Edit]
2. Confirm if Icon has been added
New icon will be added to Task Icon on the left side of the pallet
3. Confirm in Property screen
Drag & Drop the Icon onto a Swimlane, and double click on it
  • Add-ons registered in [App-shared add-on] can be used by all applications

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