Download Edition

The provision of “Download Edition” which we have offered as one of “trial methods” was abolished in April 2017.
Customers who have already purchased the “extension key” which is to release the limitation on the number of simultaneous processing and the number of users can use as usual until the expiration date.

“Questetra BPM Suite Download Edition”, is available free of charge at the following conditions.

  • Number of the Users is 20 or less
  • Number of concurrent running processes is 10 or less.

If you would like to try, please fill out the Form below, to apply for free download.
We will send an email which indicates the URL of the download file, to the address you have entered.

Download version 10.4.6
(Abolished in April 2017)

In the “Download Edition”, the following functions and menus are not available.

  • Automatic PDF generation using the “Service Task (PDF generate)”
  • External linkage function available in SaaS Edition (system settings)
    • G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Cooperation
    • OAuth
    • SSO (SAML)
    • Message Start Event

In addition, there are following limitations.

  • Restrictions due to the lightweight database “(H2DB)” which is packaged with.
    • In the case the cumulative number of processing (including the number of process instances that completed processing) become over 5,000, it may not be able to guarantee the sufficient processing speed.
    • The cooperation between processes which a Process call another Process is not available
  • Restrictions due to the difference of version of SaaS Edition
    • Features of SaaS Edition that have been added in the newer version than the latest version of Download Edition are not available.
    • “Business Template (qar file)”, which is free download published in the “Workflow sample” site, may not work because of Version difference.
      (“Business Templates” are supposed to be used in the latest version of SaaS edition, basically.)

In order to release the limitation of the number of Users and concurrent processing number, please purchase “Extension Key”.

Pricing for Extension Key