Extension Key for Download Edition

Up To Ten Concurrent Processing, Free!

Questetra BPM Suite Download Edition can be used free of charge as long as the number of concurrent running processes is within 10. (This means if there are 10 unfinished processes, you cannot start a new one.)

Price for Extension Key

Please purchase an Extension Key to expand your limit on concurrent running processes and number of users.

Licenses Prepay
(Credit Card / PayPal Account)
EK 10 (Max 10 concurrent jobs, Max 20 users) free(*)
EK 100 (Max 100 concurrent jobs, free users)

EK 500 (Max 500 concurrent jobs, free users)

500+ concurrent jobs, free users please feel free to inquire

If invoice needed or 500+ EK-license needed, please feel free to inquire!
When the number of cumulative running/completed processes exceeds 5000, the database used in the Download Edition (H2DB) may not be able to handle operations appropriately.