Cloud Workflow

Application Accepted!

Thank you for applying

Completion of Application

Thank you very much for ordering Questetra BPM Suite and payment on Paypal.

We will send a confirmation Email about your order to the address you have registered.
Please confirm the contents of your registrations.

In the unlikely event, you do not receive the confirmation email after two business days, there might be a possibility that the contents of your order has not reached us, due to any reason such as a server error or mistyping the email address.In that case, please contact us at contact form.

Steps of Extension Key issuance

  1. Application and payment
  2. Confirmation email(normally within one business day)
    1. Number of the license
    2. Date of start using
  3. Notification of Extension Key(normally within two business days)
    1. Extension Key
    2. Email Address

* The ‘Email address’ is the same as the one you entered at the settlement. It will be necessary at registration of the Extension key.
* There is a possibility that up to five business days to receive notification of account information because of peak season.



Q: Can I get the receipt?
Yes, you can. Please feel free to ask for the receipt. However, Revenue stamp will not be attached on it, because the payment is through online. (Described credit card using)
Q: How can I find the completion of the procedure?
We are sorry, you can’t. From the point of view of information security, we cannot show customer information in the application process. Sorry to trouble you, please contact us by contact form. In that case, Questetra may ask the”Paypal transaction ID” and “registered email address”.
Q: Can I pay by diem?
We are sorry, you can’t. The payment must be on a monthly basis in order to simplify administrative procedures, we do not handle diem. Currently, when you would like to use only for 10 days, the charge will be as a month. Currently, when you would like to use only for 10 days, we will charge you for one month.