Flow designing, Aggregation, and also Monitoring are totally Web-based. Anyone can build an advanced Workflow system (Business Processes) easily.

1. MODELING Feature

Graphical designing of business flows. Easy to build a variety of Business Processes with.

  • All you need is a browser
  • Drag & Drop Icons placement
  • Diagram in Int’l standard
  • Older version Referable

Changes of the business flow can be done quickly by in-house members.


Process Modeler with Standardized Symbols

2. OPERATING Feature

Web forms prepared for each processing step. Business information transaction done online.

  • Job allocation on the rule
  • Relative allocation is available
  • Automated processing
  • Chatting feature associated with issues

Processing history of upstream steps can be seen graphically on a Flow chart.

Workers can list their assigned work at any time. After introducing the required information for completion, it will continue to the next step automatically.

  • Deadline warning indicator
  • Sorting & grouping of the work list
  • Star Mark for Important Tasks
  • All Steps visible on the Flow chart

Various input support features make work easier.


Interactive Work Interface

Also it’s possible to automate processing of certain operation.

  • Autoomatic Start by timer
  • PDF file Auto-generation
  • Auto-storing in Google Drive
  • Data updating with ECMAscript

Provides Eradication of mistakes and Labor-saving


Allows Business-chatting in association with data in Issues.

  • Easy to link to data in Issues
  • Interlocking Viewing authority as well
  • Cross-departmental advices also reach
  • Attachment of files or URL

Real-time communication increases the productivity of the day-to-day operations.



Issues of the past are automatically aggregated, and you can monitor the work progress in real time.

  • Visualizing the proportion of work
  • Clickable graphs
  • Listing by custom filter
  • Exporting in various forms

Records of business history will be the basic data for your “Business improvement”.


You can understand the progress in real time.

  • Detect business bottleneck
  • Overlooking the flow diagram graphically
  • Narrowing list by clicking on graph
  • Doubt on status quo, SNS instantly!

You can see the work progress on the workflow diagram. At any time, you can see where and how many business Issues are staying?, and who is holding them?

Monthly performance will be visualized.

  • Summary of this month and the previous
  • Visualizing of processing number and time
  • Advanced search in an arbitrary period
  • Basic data for business improvement

Business performance are aggregated graphically. You can analyze the business multifaceted, in performance of Individual or team, the average processing time, etc.


The entire Business Process Management system is managed in privileges of 3 types. A System Administrator (a) can authorize User manager (b) and Process-model Creator (c).

  • Bulk import of Users
  • Bulk import of Organization / Role
  • Downloading System log
  • Setting Single Sign-on

Absolutely no need for technical knowledge for the server operation .

Connection with G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is available.

  • 1-click Login (OpenID)
  • Export to Google Drive
  • Schedule in Google Calendar
  • Synchronization of Users list

Less than 5 minutes for integration with G Suite account. Business file storage and deadline time recording is also possible.


You can receive API requests by placing Events in the Workflow.

  • Process Start with REST API
  • Stand by for REST API call in the middle of flow
  • Request communication requires API key
  • Also possible to restrict source IP

Can be used for automatic linkage between Workflow Apps, or automatic startup from the backbone system (Also possible to use email reception as a trigger). Not only reception but also e-mail transmission and HTTP request transmission, you can set easily.

M312 M318 M221 M411

Corresponding to FURTHER advanced system collaboration.

  • Process Start API
  • Worklist API
  • Task Handling API
  • System Setting APIs, etc

You are able to self-develop more advanced extension applications, such as smart phones apps, or collaboration with core system. OAuth2 authorization and Basic authentication are available.


0. Other Features

  • Cloud Based (SaaS)
  • Multiple Languages
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Chrome Extension Available
  • Google Gadgets Available
  • Notification Customizable