1. Auto Start function

Timer, Email reception, REST Access and etc., will trigger to start a New Process automatically.

Tour: M218 AUTO START Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Email

2. Auto Email function

Questetra can send email automatically. Those things are possible, sending ‘Answer emails’ to customers in ‘Query support flow’, or sending ‘Payment Unconfirmed Notification’ to client.
Tour: M224 AUTO EVENT Auto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted

3. Auto Calculation function

Questetra provides, in the ‘Quote Approval flow’ for example, the auto-processing on ‘Calculation of consumption tax for the entered estimated amount’ or ‘Setting the quote expiration according to the estimated amount’ after entering the details of the Quotation. You can reduce the time with data entry, reduce miscalculation or reduce errors in applying in-house rules.

Tour: Modeling: Formats of Data Calculations and Data Assignment

4. PDF Auto Generation function

Questetra makes possible to automate process such as, generating Quotation PDF from quote data which has been approved in Workflow, attach it to an email and send to the Salesperson in charge.

Tour: [Auto Event] To Setup Automatic Generation of PDF Forms