1. Chatting function

Enterprise Social (In-house Micro-blog) is a communication environment in an organization that staff can freely post short sentences.

It makes easier to discuss with other department of the company or to place a check on the workers upstream.

Tour: M119 ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING Enterprise Social Networking Opened to Company-Wide


2. Good! function

“Good!” on Good News. Workers are able to “Tweet” which tied with individual Process ID easily.


3. Mention function

If you tweet with format of “@UserName”, it makes easier for a particular person to recognize the post. And also If you tweet with format of “%GroupName”, it makes easier for people in particular group to recognize the post. (“Mentioning” / “Group Mentioning”)
Tour: M120 ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING Mentioning Just Like Twitter


4. Files Attachment function

Enterprise Social Networking Service brings active info exchange beyond departments and workers share their ideas and feelings. You can explicitly attach FILEs.


5. URLs Attachment function

You can also explicitly attach URLs.