1. Single Sign On function

Companies that already use G Suite (formerly Google Apps) can implement Questetra BPM Suite without having to issue and manage new ID/password sets.

Questetra-ID prohibited mode is also available.

Tour: M309 FEDERATION Enable Login Function using External Authentication service (OpenID)

2. Data Export to Google Drive

You can export deliverables to Google Drive (Google Docs) directly. You can also export the process list to Google SpreadSheet.
Tour: M117 DATA SEARCH Refine Search over All Job Data/ Saving Refining Condition


3. Data Output to Google Calendar

You can register deadline of task to Google Calendar.


4. Synchronization with Google Users and Groups

You can synchronize G Suite Accounts either fully or partially. You can also update easily to account change in G Suite.
Tour: M308 NORMAL USER Import the Settings of [User], [Organization] and Group of G Suite

Note: OAuth

Between Systems both using OAuth Technology, a variety of Data transmission are provided taking place of logged in user. When G Suite is ‘OAuth Service Provider’ and Questetra BPM Suite is ‘OAuth Consumer’, user will be able to write to the Google Calendar from Questetra BPM Suite.