What is Workflow Diagram?

Workflow Diagram is a process chart that working processes are indicated in graphical notations. It is a drawing of business procedures mainly of corporations, by combination of ‘basic shapes’ and ‘arrows’.

Nowadays, they say it is indispensable tool for Managers to evaluate and to inform “The status of internal controls” of the companies. A variety of notation has been devised around the world, but today it is often drawn in the “BPMN”, world standard notation. BPMN: Business Process Model and Notation (former, Business Process Modeling Notation)


Typical drawing notations except BPMN

  • EPC: such as SPA AG’s ERP package  (Event-driven Process Chain)
  • UML activity diagram: such as System designing
  • IDEF0: such as when introducing ISO9000
  • JIS Flowchart: such as educational front of Programming languages (JISX0121)
  • Flowchart of SANNO UNIVERSITY: such as Working process manual (many symbol types)
  • Flowchart of NOMA: such as Working process manual(few symbol types)
  • Flowchart of Japan Management Association: such as Working process manual
  • WFA: Work Flow Architecture, Enterprise Architecture for Japanese government procurement 2003


History of Global Standardization

Standardization on notation for Workflow diagram is being carried out by OMG (the Object Management Group) and WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition), etc. Schematic history of standardization are as Chronological Table.