Operating functions

Complete processing task, and it will go to the next step along to the Workflow Definition.

1. To-Do List function

Users can log in to Questetra to see their worklist as “My Tasks”. Grouping by Process Model or sorting by Title/Deadline are also available.

Tasks which allocated to nobody are listed as “Offered Tasks”. When you accept the Offered Task, it will become a Task allocated to YOU, that is, it will now be added to your “My Tasks” list.

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2. Task Operating function

The Task listed in your “My Tasks” will disappear when you submit the necesary data into the web form. The process will then flow down stream along the workflow definition (Process Model).
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3. Process Start function

You can also launch (Start) ‘a new Process’, with a copy of the past business data.
Tour: M103 STARTING Starting with Past Data

4. Notification function

You can receive notifications by Email or in Open Chat (former Task Feed, Social Enterprise Feature), Tasks information like allocation, offer, deadline, etc.
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