Utilize Web Conferencing for Sales Activity!

Eliminate time loss for moving of Sales representative.

Hi, there!


Web conferencing, it is convenient.


In Questetra, where I am working for, we frequently hold meetings connecting Kyoto and Tokyo online.


You shouldn’t be satisfied with using such a handy Web conferencing solely to in-house. You ought to use it for sales activities, as well.



Screen-sharing Feature is Essential


We use Google Hangouts for meetings in-house Questetra. Google Hangouts is handy for us, since all the staffs in Questetra,Inc. is G Suite (formerly Google Apps) user. And for meetings with people outside Questetra, we use Google Hangouts or Skype.




Both of them are capable of、


  • Conversations while looking at the face of the other party for each other
  • roup call
  • Screen sharing


Thanks for these three features, we are able to proceed Web conference smoothly.


Among them, Screen sharing is essential. In real a conference, participants make discussions while watching materials that are displayed on a screen through a projector. And Screen sharing feature allows us to do the same on web conferencing.


Significant Cost Reduction


I have web conferences with a certain client who have contracted for IT consulting, now. But I used to visit the client for monthly meetings. It took two hours to get to the client. Four hours for round trip.


Also, idle talks would be reduced in web conferencing. It takes only one hour for a meeting since we start using web conferencing, while it used to take two hours. (Personally, I was happy with those idle talks, though…)


  • Shortening of travel time (4 hours)
  • Shortening of meeting time (1 hour)


Concerning two aspects of above, you will be able to achieve great cost reduction. In this example, you can save five hours per a meeting.




Though I think it’s controversial that to totally deny the worth of chatting, the travel time is really useless which should be reduced to as less as possible, utilizing web conferencing.


Sales Activities through Web Conferencing


Among the activities of a salesperson, the most useless time is « travel time ». The act of moving is totally unproductive.。


Among the activities of a salesperson, the most important time is « time to make proposal to customers ». A salesperson should spend much of the time for creating proposal and presentation of it, to make a « good proposal ».


To eliminate useless time for traveling, discard a belief that visiting customer is a must. Thus, we are trying to actively carry out explanations and proposals of our service through Web conferencing in sales activities of Questetra.


In fact, we do demonstrations and proposal through web conferencing for customers in remote regions such as Tohoku or Kyushu. We are trying to bring this to customers in a distance of 30 minutes.


To realize this, we are considering what is needed for making explanations and proposals to be worthwhile, even through Web conferencing.




There are some cases where « visits » are inevitable. We do not intend to switch such scenes to Web conferencing. We would like to take advantage of « Web conferencing » which has become familiar now, considering the worth of « visits » and « Web conferencing » respectively.


That’s it, for today!



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