v8.3.0 2012-01-11: More Flexible Allocation Ever with The New Concept of « Role »

Definition of « Role » such as Positions of Director or Manager, cross-organizational Project team that , or In-house sport club, are available. Different from « Group », « Role » can be defined freely because it doesn’t have ‘Hierarchical structure’.

« Role », as a matter of course, can be used for Allocation Rule.  Furthermore, using both of « Group » and « Role », such allocation is possible as ‘Member of X project who belongs to Sales section’.

Since the appearance of « Role », we are going to call « Organization » for conventional « Group », because it represents the actual organization which has Hierarchical structure.

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Added a new Google gadget for checking the number of [My Tasks] in Co-worker’s (other member in the same group). (labs)
  • Adjusted [Task Execute] screen design
  • Support automatic Hyperlink function in String / Discussion type data of process data item in [Process Detail] screen.
  • Improved indication of information about process in [Process Detail], [Task Execute] and [Process data Editting] screen.
  • Changed indication of Message Throwing Intermediate Event in Process Diagram in [Process Detail].
  • Improved menu screen for Smart-phone.
  • Clearly display the page with the input error in [Task Execute] screen for Smart-phone.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • URL in String type data item (single line) has not been Hyper-linked at [Task Execute] screen for Smart-phone.
    • Failure to attach File type data to Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail) if the file was too large.
    • To download list of search result of processes in CSV format at [All Process Record], the result is displayed on Browser (Safari).

Normal User : Task Feed (In-house SNS)

  • Add [Good! on everyone] which shows messages / comments that voted lot of [Good!] in certtain period.
  • Enabled « Good! » from Smart-phone.
  • Include URL for Smart-phone in Notification Mail.
  • Attached URL for Smart-phone to Notification Mail from Task.
  • Disables to access to private network from the link registering access.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error occurs and not indicate Search Result when the result includes comment which inserted ‘Link’ and given « Good! »
    • Search result ends in the middle of its way when a post that is given more than six [Good!] is included.
    • Group Timeline Data become incorrect when a message targeted to Group, and includes mention to the group is posted.
    • Messages / comment of the past may not be displayed in the search result on Task Feed after system rebooting for upgrade, etc. if there were messages / comments which has not been posted even file had attached.
    • Move to page top when clicking on ‘More’ in Android devices.

Workflow Designer

  • Added « Role », support usage of it in Allocation Rule.
  • Enable to specify [Member in upper Group] [Leader of upper Group] in Relative specification of Allocation Rule using swimlane.
  • Support multiple Table type data.
  • Indicate number at columns in Table type data, for being specified by Arithmetic expression.
  • Unify interfaces of « Using Variables » and « Embed data » in setting screen of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail).
  • Improved Tool-tip in setting screen of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail).
  • Changed display layouts of the table in the Process model detaile screen.
  • Changed Hyper-link for Manual to ‘Tour’ page, our new content.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Edit button cannot click in Select type data item when the name of the choise is too long.
    • When Table type data item is used then new data item is added, indication of the page may not be the last page.

System Administrator

  • Add Management function to define « Role » and enable to allocate with it.
  • Changed the name « Group » to « Organization ».
  • Internationalized Process logs and System logs.
  • Enable to display Process logs and System logs on date range specification

System Engineer

  • Nothing