Business Flow Diagram

Business Flow Diagram is a graphical notation which clarify the order of each step and the person in charge etc. It is also called Business Process Flow Chart, or Flow Chart. Business Process Diagram (BPD), Business Flow Diagram (BFD), Work Flow Architecture (WFA).


1. Overview

Using simple diagrams, Business Flow Diagram represents the task flow (Flow Model) or the person in charge (Organization Model) in graphical form. These are sometimes described as data for input or data for transference. (Data Model) In official J-SOX documentation from the Financial Services Agency, it is referred to as a “Business Flow Diagram.” In the specification documents for BPMN it is defined as a Business Process Diagram (BPD).

2. Notation

There are numerous graphical notation techniques of Business Flow.

In Japan, the state examination (exam for SME Management Consultant) have introduced the followings: JIS flowcharts (JISX0121) (Programming language education), Sannodai flowcharts (Operational process manual), NOMA flowcharts, Japan Management Association flowcharts.

Recently, for reasons such as understanding internal control or changing course to the IT system development, is evolving in the midst of worldwide standardization. It can be said that the selection of graphical notation techniques themselves is progressing.

  • IDEF 0 (IDEF ZERO): Since the 1970s, at the time of introducing the ISO9000 etc.
  • EPC (Event-driven Process Chain): standard for the ERP package SAP etc.
  • UML Activity Diagram: systems design
  • BPMN: Business Process Model and Notation


3. History

OMG and WfMC are the main bodies involved with the standardization of graphical notation for business flow diagrams.

  • OMG: BPMN (Object Management Group)
  • WfMC: XPDL (WfMC: Workflow Management Coalition)
  • OASIS: BPEL (OASIS: Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards)


4. Business Flow Diagram in BPM activities

In Business Process Management activities(BPM activities), the graphically described Business Flow Diagram is useful to share the flow of business.

Especially in the scenes as follows, it can be said that the Business Flow Diagrams which allows to understand the entire Business Flow visually are essential.

  • Discussing improvements of Business Flow
  • Describing the points that are actually changed

In addition, in the aspect of internal control, preparation of Three-piece Set, a Business Flow Diagram, a Business Description document, and Risk Control Matrix are recommended.sample-flow-name-cards

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