Process Improvement

Process Improvement (Business Process Improvement) is an activity of revising Business Process to bring closer to “How it should be” for the company.


1. Overview

It is difficult to reasonably describe “definition of an ideal model,” that makes organizational decision making difficult. In addition, it is also hard to determine “exactly when we should define the ideal model”, because it varies over time depending on internal and external factors. First of all, Business Process which defines how to execute the business, includes a variety of know-how as well as rules and conventions, so it is not easy to describe the whole picture of the business process.


2. Improvement in Individual Operations

Improvements based on deductive hypothesis are modification which are based on the personnel’s impressions and on the analysis of operations in a simplified model. Improvement of these problems which are obtained empirically, are the modifications done isolating specific cases of fraud, cover-up or decrease of production volume, in accordance to the improvement policy.

  • Improvement in Flow-model: e.g. Change sequential steps into concurrent.
  • Improvement in Data-model: e.g. Change not to display to Sales section that information which should be shared only in the Administration section.
  • Improvement in Organization-model: e.g. Change Organizational structure of ten groups of ten people each into five groups of twenty people.


3. Improvement in the Level of Entire Company

Besides improving the business processes individually, it is also highly effective to reconsider the whole internal business processes.。

E.g. Connecting “Entrusted Services Sales process” with “Entrusted Development Production process” to achieve continuous and uninterrupted business processing and internal data sharing.

“Standardization of Process”, e.g. Standardizing ‘Daily Report process’ or ‘Risk Management process’ to all the Department to achieve Know-how sharing with the entire company, or comparison between Departments.

On the other hand, by allowing the modification of the flow model independently by each Department according to their needs, there will be a possibility to progress the improvement of the “Daily Report Process” or “Risk Management Process” which were not possible to modify before.


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