Questetra: Newest Version of Cloud BPM Service Supports Telecommuting

Added Function for Flexibly Viewing Stored Data as a Virtual Table

Kyoto, Japan — April 13, 2011 — Questetra Inc., a software-for-business developer globally launched the newest version (7.4) of their eponymous Cloud computing BPM system on April 13.

Added Function for Flexibly Viewing Stored Data as a Virtual Table

BPM Systems Today

BPM systems help visualize business performance, and are widely implemented in both large and small companies alike. Companies that introduce these systems are able to continuously improve their business processes based on concrete information such as average time to decision-making or number of estimates issued monthly. Questetra Inc. launched its cloud computing BPM system, “Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition,” in 2009, and has provided services to over 1,200 companies from 90 countries to date (numbers include free version).

New 7.4 Version

Virtual table viewingThe new 7.4 version released today has new functions such as the ability to display only desired items from past data, which increases convenience for telecommuters, and an improved interface, which makes it easier to check upstream processes. This helps to make telecommuting as efficient as when working at the office, and also makes it easier to manage cloud computing.

Overview of added functions

Customizable display of stored data

Users can now easily customize the table when searching the system’s database for past data. Even process data dependent on individual workflow definitions, such as “applicant email address” or “invoice amount,” can be easily and speedily used for complex searches. The search results can be exported to Excel or Google spreadsheets as is.

Display of each step in workflow past data

The new relative time display makes it easier to tell who processed each task at what time. This is beneficial for when workers want to reference upstream steps or when managers want to monitor progress.

Saving in the middle of work

Data input forms can now be saved in the middle of work regardless of whether required fields are filled or not.

Smartphone access

Users can use smartphones for more operations, such as executing allocated tasks, starting processes, and accepting tasks that are not allocated to any user.

Weekly and monthly automatic work allocation

Processes can more flexibly be set to automatically start at a predetermined time (timer start events), such as for monthly accounting processes or daily sales reports. This is applicable for tasks allocated to multiple or individual employees.

Calculation of table data

One of the input forms of process data is the [table] type data (other types: string, numeric, select, date, date-time, file, user and discussion). Data within tables can be specified (string, numeric, select) and even calculated and applied to separate numeric fields.

Added language sets

Managers can add a set of languages available to each login users. This is convenient for implementing specialist terminology or multi-language systems. (Customized service)

API access from external systems

In addition to information on each process’s progress and search results of past data, users are now able to access detailed process and user information from external systems. OAuth HTTPS GET/POST requests are responded by UTF-8 JSON.

Comments from Genichi Imamura, CEO

“In Japan, insufficient power due to the power plant accidents is becoming a serious problem. Telecommuting used to be considered an option for employees taking care of family or raising children, but it’s time we start considering it as a way to improve productivity. Japan, lack of energy due to the power plant accidents is becoming a serious problem. It would be great to see BPM systems used as tools for reliably recording telecommuting outputs.”

Comments from users

“When we were told to stay home and wait until further notice due to the earthquake and power outages, we were able to continue working with Questetra BPM Suite. I heartily welcome the improved convenience for telecommuters with the new version 7.4.”

(Mr. Negishi, Internet Marketing Team, RECRUIT CO., LTD.)

“Because of the earthquake it was very difficult to commute to work, but Google Apps for Business and Questetra BPM Suite SaaS environment allowed us to get through without delaying deadlines. I am looking forward to the new functions.”


Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition is a 100% web-based business process management system. Its functions can be largely categorized into the operating function for running workflows, the modeling function for designing workflows by drag-and-drop, and the monitoring function for tracking and measuring employee performance. Free workflow templates can be downloaded from the Workflow Sample page and used immediately for a variety of activities (316 free samples as of March 31). (Free up to five users, 10USD/month per user.)


Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, located in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks and contribute to businesses around the world.

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Hirotaka Nishi / Akiko Hattori, Customer Service +81-75-205-5007