BPM Workflow, greatly improved G Suite (formerly Google Apps) integration functions

Questetra, Inc. will simultaneously release worldwide the newest “January 2010 (5.0.0)” version of Questetra BPM Suite, the Human-Centric BPMS, on January 8, 2010.

Corporations have been trying to improve business processes or systemize business workflows; however, few software exist to implement BPM (*) cheaply and promptly. Questetra BPM Suite is a BPM software that can be tried without any payment. – BPM: Business Process Management

For example, you can know how many proposals are circulated at this moment. Also, you don’t even need the knowledge for programming at all.


  1. You can quickly modify the workflow system by editing the process diagram using only your mouse.
  2. Staff can check the tasks allocated to themselves any time.
  3. Managers can find out where tasks do not flow smoothly.
  4. You can easily search the best practices in the past.

In the latest version, we have improved the interface to reflect comments from users worldwide. In addition to this, many functions, especially those focused on integration with G Suite (formerly Google Apps Premier Edition, are added.

  • Automatic login using G Suite account
  • Exporting data to Google Spreadsheet
  • Receiving data locked by password sent from other systems
  • More flexible data transfer to other systems

You can experience most features online. Try out the human-centric BPMS environment.  English: http://www.questetra.com/free-saas-bpms/
Japanese: http://www.questetra.com/ja/free-saas-bpms/

We, Questetra, will continue supporting the BPM activities of companies that promote cloud computing.

Screenshot: Modeling feature


Screenshot: Operating feature


[SaaS Edition]

If making payment by credit card, using the software from the next business day is possible. Individual departments/offices can also apply. Contact us from the inquiry form for requiring estimates or invoices (10 US dollar for 1 user per month).

[Download Edition]

Free trial without expiration (Windows version and Linux version), is available. Over 160 countries and regions recognized the software. There is a limitation in the number of users registered (up to 20) and concurrent tasks (up to 10). When exceeding these numbers, purchase the “Extension Key” (from 100 US dollar per month).

[Custom Order]

We will accept customization orders, for example, change of middleware such as RDBMS, installation to your own network environment, and batch linkage with other systems (cost will be individually estimated).

[Regarding the Architecture]

Questetra BPM Suite is a Java-based web application. You only need a web browser to use all functions, such as execution of Tasks and monitoring the operation records. A Flash-based BPMN Modeler is used for modeling processes, which enables setting Message Start Events, OR Splits, etc. Workflow engine used in the software is Questetra’s original which allows rapid processes complex definitions, such as a loop and a split.