Merging May Not be Completed in Process Model with Split Condition.

Fixed Version

Version 8.2.0

Affected Version and Operation

  • Version 8.1.0 and earlier
  • Split processes come to Merging Gateway

Bug Details

  • Occurs at the following process models:
    • Process splitting into plural by ‘OR Gateway’ or ‘AND Gateway
  • Occurs at the following timing:
    • One or more of split process has arrived to gate way and;
      • to execute the Task just before the gate way
      • to finish Event just before the gate way
  • What will occur
    • not processed with an indication “Sorry error occurred.”
    • Merging not completed and process does not go to next step.


  • About Case 1. (error occurs on Task execution), error may be avoidable with following method.
    • Click [Save and quit] in Task Execution screen, then execute the Task again.
  • Other Workaround or Recovery has not found for now (11/17)
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in coming Version 8.2.0