Processing of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP) may Fail (Fixed)

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 9.4.0_201303250000 (SaaS Edition)

Affected Version and Operation

  • Version 9.4.0 (SaaS Edition) and later
  • Transmitting a request to outside of “Questetra BPM Suite,”using “Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)”.

Bug Details

  • Occurs at the following timing:
    • Transmitting HTTP/ HTTPS request from “Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)”, to servers other than “Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition”.
  • What occurred and the period of occurring
    • Despite the setting of the event is correct, the processing of the Event fails. And an error notification email will be sent to Users who have “administration authorization”.
    • Occurred date/ time: After releasing Version 9.4 (2013/03/18, 2:00 JST [+9:00])
    • Fixed date/ time: 2013/03/25, 1:00 JST [+9:00]


  • This bug is under investigation.