May not be Possible to Delete a Process Model / Process that is Using the “Service Task” (Fixed)

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 9.7.1

Affected Version and Operation

  • Version 9.7.0
  • To delete a Process Model or individual Process that is using ‘Service Task’.

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating:
    • To delete a Process Model that is using ‘Service Task’.
    • To delete a Process that has processed ‘Service Task’.
  • What will occur
    • A Process Model / Process may not be possible to be deleted displaying an error message of ‘An error occurred in processing in the database’.


  • There is no workaround or recovery to this bug. We are very sorry, but please be patient until we fix this bug.
  • If you have serious operational trouble by not able to remove the Process Model / Process, please contact us.
    • Email:
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in the coming Version (9.7.1).