[Chrome for Windows] Dialog Box does not Appear when Saving Process Model (Fixed)

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 9.9.1

Affected Version and Operation

  • Confirmed the symptom with Chrome 32.0.1700.107m for Windows
  • Performing operations such as [Close] [Save] in the process model edit screen.

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating:
    • User using the Google Chrome for Windows performs the following operations in process model edit screen (Process Modeler):
      1. to [Save] theProcess Model
      2. to [Close] the Process Model edit screen
      3. to change the setting of [read/write][read][-] inPermission setting screen.
  • What will occur
    1. Dialog to notify the saving completion does not appear.
    2. Confirmation dialog box does not appear.
    3. Operation of the changeover setting is not processed smoothly.


  • When carrying out the process model editing on a Windows machine, please use browser other than Chrome. (Internet Explorer / Firefox)
  • When you face this bug on Chrome, try below:
    • Moving the mouse over corresponding portions of displaying dialog box, etc..
    • Switching the active window (switching tab).
  • This bug does not occur in Chrome for Mac.