Cannot Log in with Google Account since May 19th, 2014 (Fixed)

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 9.9.3 (SaaS Edition)

Affected Version and Operation

  • Version 9.9.1 (SaaS Edition)
    • (All of Version 4.0 and later are subject, except SaaS Edition.)
  • Logging in using the “Google Apps account” after 19 May 2014

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating:
    • Logging in using the “Google Apps account” after 19 May 2014
  • What will occur
    • There is a case that logging in by Single Sign-on (Google Apps OpenID) is unavailable with the following error message.
      • 400. That’s an error.
        OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain: (URL of Questetra environment)


  • Customers who are able to use “Function of Logging in with Google Apps Account” are probably capable to continue to log in with Single Sign -on. Others cannot use this function.
  • There is no workaround when this failure happens. Please wait until the bug to be fixed.
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