Process may not be Started by Sending Unnecessary Parameters to ‘Message Start Event’ (Fixed)

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 9.9.4

Affected Version and Operation

  • Version 9.9.3
  • Sending Requests to ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’ by specifying a parameter of a Numeric type data item that is not editable.

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating:
    • Sending an HTTP Request for ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’ such as
      • a Request which is configured with a value that causes a format error due to specifying Numeric type data item parameter that is set other than ‘Editable’. (e.g. Strings of ‘abc’)
  • What will occur
    • Processing of “Message Start Event (http)” fails, the new process will not be Started.
    • An Error Notification email is sent to the User of ‘Administrator’.


  • Please change the setting and processing of the request sender, not to send parameters other than data items that is configured ‘Editable’.
  • This bug is due to be fixed in the coming release version.