Cloud Workflow

User’s Organizational Information Duplicates, so a Task may not be Processed Normally

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Version 11.5

Affected Version and Operation

  • All versions
  • The target user operates a Task in a state in which whose Organization information has been multiply updated at the same time so the data have been duplicated registered

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating
    • When the following operation is performed at the same time, the same combination of user / organization is registered in the management information such as “belonging” or “user who can start the application” (including API request)
      • Addition / deletion of users to Organization / Role
      • Changing status of a user as Leader / Staff in affiliation in an Organization
      • Changing Organization tree structure
      • Collective registration of Users / Organizations / Roles
      • Collective modification of Operator setting
  • What will occur
    • A user whose duplicate User / Organization information has been registered tries to newly Start a target App, processing of the first Task can not be completed
    • A user whose duplicate User / Organization information has been registered can not complete a Task
    • When try to finish a Task, the following message is displayed.
      • “An error occurred inside the system. We apologize for troubling you, but please contact the system administrator.”

Workaround ・ Recovery

  • If any of the following events are confirmed, there is a possibility of encountering this trouble. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact Questetra.
    • Questetra Customer Service: support @
    • Incident
      • Multiple records with the same Organization name are displayed at “Affiliation” on the user detail screen
      • There exists users who can not complete a Task with the message described in the above “What will occur”
  • Action that should be be taken when incident of “cannot finish a Task” occurs
    • Please try [Reallocate] (or [Delegate]) of the Operator. If it was an error caused by this problem, Task processing will become possible.
    • If you want the same user to operate, please use [Reallocate]. (“Control authority” is required)
    • If you do not mind other user operates it, try [Delegate]]
  • Until this bug is fixed, please be careful not to manipulate by multiple users at the same time for the operation described in the “Occurs in operating” above. Please do not operate another until one operation is completed.
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in the next major version.