Download Edition Ver.9.9.6: Releasing New Version (2015-07-08)

Release Overview

Date Release

  • Download Edition: Wed. Jul. 8, 2015 Coming soon
    • We will update this page as soon as the publishing of the new version.

Details of Version 9.9.6

Added Features of Version 9.7.0 – Version 9.9.5

Functions “limited to SaaS Edition” is not available in other than SaaS Edition.

Other than the Above

Normal User

  • Neither [Terminate] and [Delete] are possible on a Process during [Candidate] button is indicated in “Operator” column in the History Table on Task Detail Screen.
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • On Task Operating screen for Smartphone, it is not possible to perform the following after Saving
      • Attaching a file to File type data item
      • Clicking on the [Now] button of Date type / Datetime type
    • On Task Operating screen for Smartphone, the preview does not appear immediately at the time of image file attachment

Process Owner (Workflow administrator)

Workflow Designer

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Validation Check for Input value might not work upon specifying Numeric type data item in Split Condition setting screen
    • When entering ‘Description’ of Process Data Items by clicking on the [Add Below] button, the contents may not be entered
    • The Options of Select type data item within a Table won’t be copied when [Duplicate] a Table type data item
    • Value which cause an error in displaying time might be mixed into Numeric in Table type data item

System Administrator

  • none

System Engineer

  • none

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Performance improvement by removing unnecessary temporary files
  • Added Setting of Quota (qbpms.quota.*) to items of Initial value setting in the configuration file(qbpms.config)
  • Changed the Java execution environment (runtime) of the application to Java 8
  • Changed System Requirement for Sever Machine
    • Added: Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
    • Excluded: Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008


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