Joint Software Release, With EAI company APPRESSO

OEM product via Enterprise Application Integration company

Questetra announces “DataSpider BPM,” a new product developed in collaboration with APPRESSO K.K. The software is an extension of DataSpider Servista, a data-integration EAI software, and will be available in Japan through APPRESSO starting Apr 21.

  • – EAI: Enterprise Application Integration
  • – BPM: Business Process Management

DataSpider Servista enables fast and easy data-correlation between corporate information systems, and is used in more than 1100 companies within Japan (as of Feb 2010). It continues to support better productivity and cost reduction.

The new DataSpider BPM realizes a workflow environment that connects and coordinates corporate information systems by making use of Questetra BPM Suite, a product with which users can easily and continuously manage and improve workflows. For more info:

In other words, managers can define business processes (workflows) using an intuitively comprehensible method (BPMN), while employees simply receive the tasks they are in charge of, operate them accordingly and send them along to the next person. A specific example can be a business process involving orders from new clients. In this case, the system enables referencing to and updating of existing CRM systems and sales management systems. (BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation)

DataSpider Servista (EAI Software) + DataSpider BPM (BPM Software)

DataSpider Servista (EAI Software) + DataSpider BPM (BPM Software)

The biggest characteristic is that managers need no expertise in programming; they can create business processes using the application’s diagrammatic web-based tool. As a result, business process management (transparency of performance, kaizen of work procedures, etc.) can be promoted within the company, with no need of outsourcing.

Questetra will continue to contribute to optimize human tasks for businesses around the world.

(note) DataSpider and APPRESSO are registered trademarks owned by APPRESSO K.K.

About Appresso

  • Corporate Name:APPRESSO K.K.
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Founded: 2000
  • CEO: HASEGAWA, Reiji
  • URL:
  • Business: Software provider focused on development, sales and support for DataSpider series products