Free Workflow Samples for Business Process Management

World wide release of Questetra BPM Suite January 2010 (Ver 5.0.0)

Questetra is offering free work flow samples, at the same time as the world wide release of their Questetra BPM Suite January 2010 (Ver 5.0.0) on January 8, 2010. See also:

Today many companies are rethinking their business processes and work flows, in response to the demand for better work efficiency and SOX Act compatibility. However, defining work flows requires skill and labor, and in reality can often be frustrating.

Questetra will be offering pre-defined work flows for free, categorized by industry and flow pattern, and based on case studies of companies that utilize the BPM product “Questetra BPM Suite.” These work flow definitions (process models) include not only the flow but also the type of data used in the processes, and should be helpful to people tackling the challenge of designing business processes. Furthermore, the samples are Questetra BPM Suite import files and can immediately be installed into the program and used in a company’s work system.


  • Entrusted Software Development (100 employees)
  • Entrusted Software Development (50 employees)
  • Web Design (50 employees)
  • Web Design (20 employees)
  • Manufacturer (50 employees)
  • Contact Center (50 employees)
  • Web Media (50 employees)
  • Alumni Association (20 employees)

[Flow Pattern]

  • Internal initiation, Member-centric
  • Internal initiation, Leader-centric
  • Internal initiation, Combination
  • Internal initiation, Timer-start
  • External initiation
Apps “Best 100 Process Templates are Ready”

For example, web design company samples include:

  1. Website Proposal
  2. Credit Limit Checking
  3. Contract
  4. Website Creation
  5. Task Allocation Management
  6. Inspection Before Publishing
  7. Support

Feel free to utilize these samples in your company’s business process management. Questetra will continue to optimize human tasks for businesses around the world.

Free Workflow Samples for Business Process Management

[About Questetra BPM Suite]

Questetra BPM Suite is a web-based business process management software (BPM software). The SaaS Edition is 10 USD/month per user, and the Download Edition is available free of charge.

[About BPM Software]

BPM software products aim to help visualization of intra-company and inter-company tasks, similar to a “railway management system” for monitoring each train’s progress. BPM software products not only define how tasks flow, but also enable users to find stagnant tasks and acquire basic data for future improvements. Questetra BPM Suite is a BPM software focused on human tasks. (Business Process Management)